Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Thank You, Sweet Humans. Thank You.

Thanksgiving is hours away, and I wonder how one can possibly give appropriate thanks for all the deserving in a single post.  At the same time, I welcome the moment to reflect on my unfolding life.  Giving thanks is an afterthought in our lives.  It is not that we don’t feel it to our core.  It is merely that we forget the power of words spoken out loud.  I humbly offer the words which frequently threaten to spill from my lips.  And offer the possibility that perhaps I will speak them more frequently in my life from this day forward.

I am thankful for my family, which should NEVER go without saying.
·        My grandmother, for showing me that one can never love too much, and for her peanut butter, pickle & mayo sandwiches.
·        My father, for his acceptance of me as I am.
·        My mother, for teaching me that if you love the world, the world will love you back, and for passing on to me her love of words.
·        My little brother, for being an authentic and loving example of strength of spirit and the power of love, and his outright belief in my ability to succeed beyond my own imagination.
·        My big brother, for his quiet and unwavering appreciation of the butterfly which has yet to emerge.  We get there when we get there.
·        My husband, for showing me what it feels like to be loved without limits, imperfections and all.
·        My daughter, for her unconditional love, brilliant spirit, authenticity, and unending laughter.

I am thankful for my friends and colleagues, with whom I have toiled, failed and soared to great heights in this life.  May our flight continue on a beautiful upward climb.

I am thankful for those who have walked into my path to challenge me.  The journey would be shorter and far less sweet without you.

I am thankful for the amazing and wonderful humans that continue to emerge into my life every day, from places unexpected. Oh, the places we’ll go…

I am thankful for the moments in life which have made me weep, both with deep sadness and great joy, when I feel so powerfully alive.

I am thankful for Ronnie, and the hundreds of thousands of American soldiers standing tall in lands near and far away to keep us all safe and free.  And to their families for accepting sacrifices which no one should rightfully have to accept.

I am thankful that I live in a world of human beings that, while imperfect, have the capacity to change the world and bring peace in my child’s lifetime.

May each of us find in ourselves the words to express what is inside, and the courage to speak them out loud.  I am thankful for each and every one of you - for the spirit that burns within you, the love that spills from your heart, the possibility that wakes you to each new day.  May you feel some small part of that every day, and occasionally be knocked backward by the enormity of it.   xoxoxox

This post was created as part of a global groundswell of gratitude called TweetsGiving. In conjunction with 12For12K, this celebration, created by US nonprofit Epic Change is an experiment in social innovation that seeks to change the world through the power of gratitude. Join us http://tweetsgiving.epicchange.org/