Saturday, March 27, 2010

Cuz I AM a girl, after all.

Okay, here you go.  I submit to you, entirely unapologetically, for MY money, the ten hottest men found on TV today.  I could pretend I don't notice, and that I'm far too evolved to care.  But who the hell do I think I would be fooling?

The shows may still be filming, or they may not.  Either way, you can still find these simply gorgeous humans, listed in absolutely no particular order whatsoever, somewhere among the hundreds of channels.  Happy hunting.  And, gentlemen....consider this an appreciative and heartfelt nod.  Because, the truth is, I could swallow your characters whole.  They're divine!

My humble apologies to the overlooked...

- Josh Duhamel: LAS VEGAS - Danny McCoy
- Jared Padalecki: SUPERNATURAL - Sam Winchester
- Timothy Olyphant: JUSTIFIED - Raylan Givens
- Michael Weatherly: NCIS - Anthony DiNozzo
- Chris O'Donnell: NCIS LA - G. Callen
- David Conrad: GHOST WHISPERER - Jim Clancy
- Simon Baker: THE MENTALIST - Patrick Jane
- Nathan Fillion: CASTLE - Richard Castle
- Joseph Fiennes: FLASH FORWARD - Mark Benford
- James Denton: DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES - Mike Delfino