Monday, September 28, 2009

Dear Dell Corporation .

Dearest Dell.

I would like to most sincerely thank you for your brilliant customer service and continued attention to the issue of my non-working Alienware laptop.
Your willingness to pay for my endless hours on the phone, as well as the lovely hold music that plays continuously while one is gently bounced from person, to person, to person, to person, clearly exceeds normal levels of compassion.
I stand in utter awe of the conviction of your employees to remain firm, and persevere in their position, regardless of actual relevance to my clearly unreasonable demands.
I apologize for perhaps raising my voice during these last two calls, especially since we have clearly established a close relationship during this past six weeks.  I realize now that my expectation of having a working $2k laptop, nearly three months after purchasing it, is obviously unreasonable.
And thank you, again, truly, for stopping the shipment of the replacement laptop, which would have sadly nipped our new relationship prematurely in the bud.
My passion for you has become impossible to contain.  I can no longer keep our relationship secret, and find myself simply bubbling over with endless recommendations to friends and family.
May you too enjoy the benefits of this relationship, as I have.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Life Under Trees

I'm curled in a bright yellow knit hammock, listing gently in the breeze. The dog restlessly paces the yard, whining softly at sounds and smells. Something has caught his attention but, in his old age, he seems to struggle to hear and see it clearly. He lies down on the warm cement just a few feet away and watches me, first intently and then blankly. The tree is green, spreading its branches and leaves overhead like a shelter. The sunlight dances across the very tops of the flowers which span the grey worn fence. It lights the topmost leaves of the tree. The rest have already become a cold green, bowing to early night. The leaves spread across the branches, across the sky. They are most spectacular. So simple. So beautiful. Protective. Like a shawl thrown gently across my shoulders.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Anna Nalick Has It Right

Breathe.  Just breathe.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Little Girl

She is
small to me,
even as she grows and stretches toward the sky,
responding to the sun and rain as a flower moving toward its greatest height.

Her hair
is of spun gold,
which she today tints in the brightness of fuchsia,
the ends spattered with red - the color of life, not death.

Her voice
is nearly imperceptible,
or as big as the sky.
Her mood, her spirit, her energy determining the tone.

She is
at times
the smallest child without direction.
And, without warning, a woman generations in the making, all strength and boldness.

She defies
expectations, boundaries, and me.
She will dance with reason and always take the lead.

She absorbs
the world around her.
This is her nourishment, her sustenance.

She cries
without purpose
her tears sprung from deep inside, as she is sprung from me.

She smiles
with abandon
belying the fear, displaying no hesitancy in her step.

She hurts
from words and bruises alike - the pain equal.

She is
utter perfection,
the universe's greatest work,
and mine.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I Cry

My life moves
as a constant
and in one motion.
There is a rhythm
nearly indistinguishable.
Its match
outside of me
is absent.
The rhythm against which
I measure myself
is silent.
I am alone.
I move without purpose.
Or I stand still.

I want to bury myself
deep inside the earth.
I crave the warm womb
the protection of the mother.
I yearn to be born again - reborn.
I long to feel the heat
of the sun in my bones.
The force of the wind
pummeling my body
and penetrating my soul.

I wish to speak with the moon
when the skies are dark.
To hold her in my arms
and protect her.

I wish to stand tall
high above the world.
To take in life
and gaze upon it
until they can see
and know
that they are loved.

I wish to be the earth
that upon which the world walks.
To open my arms
and hold humanity
in an embrace of absolute love.

I cry.

From a sadness so great
it threatens to explode me
into millions of tiny pieces.
From a love so deep
it cannot be contained.
I cry.