Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Balance happens

For once, the pieces are not all out of whack at once. There are three, you know. Life, Work, Self. When all are in a downward spiral, all perspective disappears. It begins to swallow you whole. Anguish is everywhere. Exhaustion is the rule, not the exception. And the days are either an eternity in passing or a millisecond.
The trick is to remember to look up. Literally. Look up. The sunlight, the blue sky, the white clouds. The grey clouds and pouring rain. The flashes of lightning in a rumbling sky. The pink and orange halo of a southern California sunset. It is much bigger than the individual moments in which we live our lives. And it is beautiful. Step outside, just for a moment.....of yourself, of the building, of the moment at which you find yourself tortured.
Smile back at the sky, for it is truly embracing you every moment.
Trust me. xoxoxox

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