Saturday, February 14, 2009

Three Out of Four

They used to be so small, these girls. Isabella, Meilani, and Sebi. Of course Reilly is missing tonight as the computers cry out Hannah Montana soundtracks, the volleyball flies through the living room, the markers feverishly create fashion originals on paper, the wii bowling pops up for a quick round or two, and pasta is consumed in very large bowls.
The energy they create amongst each other is unchanged. The giggling still goes on, albeit periodically interrupted by the high drama of my own girl's persona. They change activities frequently and without warning.
40 years ago I was their age. It is inconceivable, entirely inconceivable that so much time has passed.....and that I am suddenly so old. Yet I relish their energy. They make me laugh out loud. They are perfect, beautiful creatures. There is nothing more perfect than little girls who are the best of friends. They are unabashed, unfettered, and undaunted. Their energy could power the world a hundred times over - just a handful of them. These three - all four - I love each of them like mad.
There is nothing in the world so special as your own child and the friends that they draw into their circles throughout their lives. May they continue forever to walk through the doors of my home, to be part of my life as they are my daughter's. This is my family. xoxox

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  1. You describe it so well. I enjoyed every day I spent with my girls when they were growing up. They were and still are best friends. Remember to enjoy each phase as they are all perfect and wonderful. My girls are now 37 years old and still my beautiful daughters and dearest friends.